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Leech Therapy

The treatment of leeches and leeches will be good for both your body and your soul!


Hair Transplantation and PRP

With our unique PRP techniques, you can be treated with very suitable prices!



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Ambulance Services

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Infirmary Services

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Pilgrimage and Leech Services

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Wound Care Unit

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First Aid and Emergency Response

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Home Care Nursing Services

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Hair Transplantation and PRP Services

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  • Quality service

    Pulse Health Groups is working with experienced and qualified nurses and doctors. We have been providing the highest quality service to our patients for a long time thanks to our doctors and nurses who have adopted quality as a mission.

  • Emergency Response and First Aid

    Pulse Health Groups have saved many lives since its history. Today, first aid and emergency response procedures should be done by people who know. Every person must learn emergency response techniques. Remember, emergency response saves lives!

  • Leech and Hacamat

    Hacamat and Leech is a very common form of treatment today. The reason it is so widespread is that the results of treatment worldwide are successful. You can benefit from these services with very reasonable prices with Pulse Health Groups.

  • Hair Transplantation and PRP

    One of the services provided by Pulse Health Groups is hair transplantation and treatment with PRP technology. Especially, the patients who have been treated by us have left our treatment center very satisfied. You can make an appointment to access our services with very reasonable prices!