First Aid and Emergency Response

First Aid and Emergency Response

First Aid and Emergency Response

What is First Aid?

First aid is an intervention in the event of an accident or life-threatening situation, with the aim of saving the life or worsening of the situation until medical assistance is provided by the medical personnel or everyone who has received first aid training, without the need for medical equipment at the scene.

Who is the first assistant?

For the purpose stated in the definition of first aid, the person / wounded defines the person who makes the drug-free applications with the available tools and equipment without looking for medical equipment and equipment, until the health team arrives and has obtained the first aid certificate at the end of the training.

What are the primary objectives of first aid?

Maintaining vital functions,
To prevent deterioration of the patient / injured situation,
Facilitating improvement are the primary objectives of first aid.

First Aid Basic Applications

Protection: To establish a safe environment by identifying potential hazards at the scene.

  1. If possible, the vehicle should be transported to a safe area.
  2. The crime scene must be clearly visible.
  3. Curious persons should be removed from the scene.
  4. The ignition key of the vehicle in the accident must be switched off.
  5. No smoking and should not be allowed.
  6. In the case of gas presence; necessary measures should be taken to prevent poisoning.
  7. The valve of the gas cylinder must be closed, the environment should be vented.
  8. The use of lighting or call devices that will generate sparks should not be allowed.
  9. The patient / injured should not be moved.
  10. Patient / injured should be evaluated in terms of life signs.
  11. Gloves should always be worn to protect against hepatitis B, C, HIV / AIDS.

Notification: Informing the necessary aid organizations (112) as quickly as possible.

When 112 is called, the exact place and address, who is calling from which number, the description of the event, the number of patients or injured, the situation, how they get help should be explained.

Rescue: Intervention to the sick wounded at the scene; it should be done quickly but calmly and consciously. First aid should be given depending on the assessment of the condition of the patient / injured. If the first aid is not known, the patient / injured should never be touched or moved.

What the first aider should do in the intervention

  1. To evaluate the status of the patient / injured
  2. To eliminate the fears and worries of the patient / injured,
  3. Organizing the persons who will assist the patient / injured in the intervention,
  4. To intervene to prevent the aggravation of the patient / injured person’s condition,
  5. Bleeding, fracture, dislocation and sprain etc. to intervene in situ.
  6. Not allowing the patient / wounded to see the wound,
  7. Intervening without moving the patient / injured,
  8. Providing referral of patients / injured to the nearest health institution by the most appropriate methods (112)
  9. Ancak herhangi bir tehlike yok ise hasta ya da yaralı yerinden kımıldatılmamalıdır.

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